Atomic Number: 13

Protons: 13

Electrons: 14

Neutron: 13

Average Atomic Mass: 26.982 amu

Isotopes: Al-24, Al-25, Al-26, Al-27, Al-28, and Al-29

Discovery: Hans Christian Oersted discovered Aluminum in 1825

Name: Aluminum got its name by Humphry Davy who named it Alumen but here in America we call it Aluminum.

Well today in the world mostly everyone uses Aluminum to wrap things to go like burritos and like for cooking potatoes in the oven. Its also used to make light-weight cars, airplanes, and boats.

Interesting Facts: Well some cool stuff about aluminum is that it will mostly not burn in the oven or fire so you can use it for cooking. When Aluminum rusts it forms a clear outer coating that is super strong.