Atomic Number: 51

Protons: 51

Electrons: 51

Neutrons: 71

Average Atomic Mass: 121.760

Isotopes: Antimony-117, Antimony-118, Antimony-119, Antimony-120, Antimony-121, Antimony-122, Antimony-123, Antimony-124, Antimony-125, Antimony-126, Antimony-127, Antimony-128, Antimony-129

Discovery: Antimony wasn't considered an element until Antoine Lavoisier purposed it was. Antimony was not considered an element because women use to use it as sulfide to darken their eyebrows before the element was understood. I

Name: Antimony is from the Greek words "anti + monos" meaning "not alone." The origin of the symbol Sb comes from the Latin word "stibium."

Uses: Antimony is used in batteries and medicine. Its used as a metal and is also used for the dark pigment in mascara.

Interesting Facts: Some interesting facts about this element is that people used it way before they knew that it was an element and women would use it as mascara and eye shadow.