WikiTemplate_ARSENIC.001.jpg Arsenic

Atomic Number: 33

Protons: 33

Electrons: 33

Neutrons: 42

Average Atomic Mass: 74.922

Isotopes: As-68, As-69, As-70, As-71, As-72, As-73, As-74, As-75, As-76, As-77, As-78, As-79

Discovery: The element was discovered in Chinese,Greek and Egyptian Civilizations. It was believed that Albertus Magnus contained the element in 1250 A.D.

Name: The element Arsenic comes from the Greek word "arsenikon" meaning "yellow orpiment"

Uses: The element Arsenic is used to insecticides,termination and poisons to other things. For example lead hydrogen was well know in the 20th century to insecticide fruit trees. And sometimes resulted on a brain damage for those who worked with sprayers.

Interesting Facts:Arsenic was the most toxic element that can be found. Arsenic was used to kill insects in the late 60's,but eventually was banned in the U.S. in 1988.