Bohrium.001.png Bohrium

Atomic Number: 107

Protons: 107

Electrons: 107

Neutrons: 157

Average Atomic Mass: 264

Isotopes: There are no naturally occurring forms of Bohrium. However, the following isotopes have been made Bh-260 , Bh-261, Bh-262, Bh-263, Bh-264, Bh-265, Bh-266, Bh-267, Bh-271, and Bh-272.

Discovery: Bohrium as discovered in Germany in 1981 by Peter Armbruster, Gottfried M├╝nzenber and their co-workers.

Name: Bohrium is named after the Danish physist, Niels Bohr.

Uses: Only a small amount of Bohrium has ever been made and therefore it has no uses.

Interesting Facts: Bohrium is not naturally occuring. It has been made by combing Pb-209 and Cr-54 or Bk-249 and Ne-22 in nuclear reactions. It was originally called "Nielsbohrium," but the name had be changed to Bohrium to fit interational naming standards for new elements.