Atomic Number: 35

Protons: 35

Electrons: 35.

Neutrons: 45

Average Atomic Mass: 79.904 amu

Isotopes: Br-79, Br-81, Br-72, Br-74, Br-75, Br-76, Br-77, Br-78, Br-80, Br-82, Br-83, Br-84, Br-85

Discovery: Antoine-J Balard in 1826 in France.

Name: The name Bromine comes from the Greek word ''bromos'' that means ''stench."

Uses: Bromine is used in medicine, fumigants, water purification, flame retardant, and photography equipment. Bromine is also used to make purple dye the name of the purple die is called '' Tyrian purple

Interesting Facts: I learned is that bromine is used for making purple dye an it was discovered by Antoine-J Balard