Atomic Number: 48

Protons: 48

Electrons: 48

Neutrons: 64

Average Atomic Mass: 112.411 amu

Isotopes: Cd-106, Cd-107, Cd-108, Cd109, Cd-110, Cd-111, Cd-112, Cd-113, Cd-114, Cd-115, Cd-116, Cd-117

Discovery: Cadmium was discovered by Friedrich Stromeyer in 1817 from an impurity in some samples pf zinc carbonate, ZnCO3.

Name: Because the metal was associated with Zinc, Friedrich Stromeyer called it Cadmium. meaning cadmium fornacum or furnace calamine. Calamine (ZnCO3) was an earth found in Kadmeia in Ancient Greece.

Uses: Rather like zinc, cadmium is used to a small extent as coatings (often achieved by electroplating) to protect metals such as iron.

Interesting Facts: Cadmium is used in black and white television phosphors and in blue and green phosphors for colour TV tubes.