Atomic Number:20

Protons: 20

Electrons: 20

Neutrons: 20

Average Atomic Mass: 40.078 amu

Isotopes: Ca-40, Ca-41, Ca-42, Ca-43, Ca-44, Ca-45, Ca-46, Ca-47, Ca-48, Ca-49, Ca-50, Ca-51

Calcium was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy. He discovered this in the country of England in 1808.

Name: The name Calcium comes
from the Latin word "calx" meaning "lime"

Uses: Calcium is used in magnets and cement. Calcium is also an important mineral for strong bones and teeth.

Interesting Facts: Calcium is silvery-white and is very soft. Calcium is the in the earth's crust and is the fifth element in the earth. Calcium is in our bones and in our teeth. We have calcium in our body so that our nerves can function.