Atomic Number: 58

Protons: 58

Electrons: 58

Neutrons: 82

Average Atomic Mass: 140.116

Isotopes: Ce-134, Ce-136, Ce-138, Ce-139, Ce-140, Ce-141,Ce-142, Ce-144

Discovery:Cerium was discovered by Wilhelm von Hisinger, Jöns Jacob Berzelius, Martin Klaproth at 1803 in Sweden, Germany.

Name: Cerium was named after the asteroid Ceres which discovered in 1801, 2 years before the element.

Uses: Common Uses of Cerium are used in manufacturing glass, metallurgical and nuclear applications. Cerium is also used in the flint for lighters.

Interesting Facts:It is the most abundant of the rare earth metals and is found in minerals including allanite, monazite, cerite, and bastnaesite. There are large deposits found in India, Brazil and the USA. I also found it interesting that Cerium was used in lighters.