Atomic Number: 27

Protons: 27

Electrons: 27

Neutrons: 32

Average Atomic Mass: 58.933

Isotopes: Cobalt-55, Cobalt-56, Cobalt-57, Cobalt-58, Cobalt-59

Discovery: this element was founded by the German miners of the ancient times.

Name: this element was named because of the labor of removing it and because it often accompanied Arsenic which imperiled their health. Kobalt (is another word for Cobalt) means evil sprite. it was not named after the founder.

Uses: It is alloyed with iron, nickel and other metals to make Alnico, an alloy of unusual magnetic strength with many important uses. Stellite alloys, containing cobalt, chromium , and tungsten, are used for high-speed, heavy-duty, high temperature cutting tools, and for dies.

Interesting Facts: some interesting facts are that Cobalt is edible in some foods.