Critique & Commentary Check List

Each of you have been assigned two elements to review. For each element use the Discussion Tab to critique each element with the following guidelines. As you review the message you will send make sure you answer each of the following questions. Your comments should be professional, in correct grammatical English, and helpful for the author of the element page.

  1. Check the element's atomic number and average atomic mass. Are they correct? Did the author of this page provide the correct number of protons, neutrons, and electrons?
  2. In a separate tab open the WebElements page for this element. Are the isotopes, discovery and name correct? Have uses for this element been provided? Are there interesting facts?
  3. Has the video from the Periodic Table of Videos been provided?
  4. Is the element card on the Element Information Page and the Periodic Table Home page? Are they linked? Is the information on it correct? Has the author used a good picture and the correct color?
  5. Have all of the sources been cited? Remember, proper citations should have the name of the web page used to collect information and a direct link to that page. Did the author add of these? What are the missing? Each page should have links for the following.
  • A link to the Element's main page on WebElements
  • A link to the Element's History Page on WebElements
  • A link to the Element's Isotope Page on WebElements
  • A link to the YouTube page with the Video from the Periodic Table of Videos
  • A link to the Picture on Flickr used on the Element Card with the photographer's name (Photo: Hindenburg Disaster by E Strategy Blog on Flickr)