Atomic Number: 66

Protons: 66

Electrons: 66

Neutrons: 97

Average Atomic Mass: 162.5 amu

Isotopes: Dy-152, Dy-153, Dy-154, Dy-155, Dy-156, Dy-157, Dy-158, Dy-159, Dy-160, Dy-161, Dy-162, Dy-163, Dy-164, Dy-165, Dy-166

Discovery: Dysprosium was discovered by Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in France in 1866. However, the element was not isolated into a pure state until the 1950s.

Name: The name Dysprosium comes from the Greek word "dysprositos" meaning "hard to obtain".

Uses: Used in nuclear fuel rods because it will help control the amount of energy released. Its also used in making lasers and compact disks (CDs).