Atomic Number: 31

Protons: 31

Neutrons: 39

Electrons: 31

Average Atomic Mass: 69.723 amu

Isotopes: Ga-64, Ga-65, Ga-66, Ga-67, Ga-68, Ga-69, Ga-70, Ga-71, Ga-72, Ga-73, Ga-74, Ga-75

Uses: It uses 90 tons of Gallium to detect solar neutrons and also it uses the reaction. Gallium is also used in mirrors and gallium arsenide is used in LED lighting.

Discovery: Gallium was discovered by Paul-Emile Lecoq in 1875 in France.

Name: The Latin word is "Gallia" meaning in France and also a Latin word "gallus," which means "cock" or rooster in reference to Lecoq.

Interesting Facts: Gallium is a metal that melts in your hand, because its melting point (29.8C or 85.6F) is just below human body temperature (37C or 98.6F).