Atomic Number: 101

Protons: 101

Electrons: 101

Neutrons: 157

Average Atomic Mass: 258

Isotopes: Md-255 Md-256 Md-257 Md-258 Md-259 Md-260

Discovery: Mendelevium was discovered by Glenn T. Seaborg, Albert Ghiorso, Bernard Harvey, Gregory Choppin, Stanley G. Thompson at 1955 in USA.

Name: Mendelevium is named after Dimitri "Mendeleev", the Russian chemist who contributed so much to the development of the periodic table.

Uses: Mendelevium has been used to elucidate some of the chemical properties of mendelevium in aqueous solution.

Interesting Facts: The element was named after a Russian chemist who contributed a lot to the development of the periodic table.