By: Mr. Wood

Atomic Number: 60

Protons: 60

Electrons: 60

Neutrons: 84

Average Atomic Mass: 144.2 amu

Isotopes: Nd-138, Nd-140, Nd-141, Nd-142, Nd-143, Nd-144, Nd-145, Nd-146, Nd-147, Nd-148, Nd-149, Nd-150

Discovery: Neodymium was by Carl F. Auer von Welsbach at 1885 in Austria. The element was not isolated into a pure form until 1925.

Name: The name Neodymium come from the Greek words "neos didymos" meaning "new twin" because it was discovered with Praseodymium.

Uses: Neodymium is used to make the colored glass in welder's goggles, lasers, and to make powerful magnets.

Interesting Facts: Can be used to make beautiful blue or green solutions. Its used in green laser pointers and the strength of volcanic eruptions can be measured by looking at the Neodymium isotopes that are produced.