Notes to Editors

Use the following guidelines when designing the page on your element.

Element Information Page

  1. When you're ready to make a page let me know the name of your element and I will create one for you.
  2. In a separate window open the Hydrogen Page so you have an example to follow.
  3. On your page replace all of the red text with the correct information. You must keep the fonts the same and they must be black. No colored text.
  4. Use WebElements and the Periodic Table of Videos to collect your information and resources.
  5. Add a YouTube Video from the Periodic Table of Videos using the Video Tool (the TV icon).
  6. The pages you use must be cited and linked to in your Sources section.
  7. Save and Save Often!

Element Card Construction

  1. Once you have completed your Element Information Page start working your Element Card.
  2. Download the Element Card Template from Moodle.
  3. Add information for atomic number, symbol, full name, and average atomic mass. Fonts must stay the same and the text must be black so that we have continuity throughout our website.
  4. Use a Flickr Creative Commons search to find a picture for your element. Be smart about your search. Think about how your element is used according to the information on WebElements. Use that information to search for a picture.
  5. Save the picture to your computer and drag it into your Keynote slide.
  6. Change the background of your slide to the correct color. Metals - "Aqua", Metalloids - "Flora", Nonmetals - "Lemon"
  7. Save your slide and export it to your desktop as a picture (File - Export - PNG - Next - Desktop - Export).

Adding Your Element Card to the Main Page

  1. On the main wiki page click "Edit this Page."
  2. Click on the cell in the table for your element and remove the text.
  3. Click on the picture tool (the Palm Tree) and upload your picture from the desktop.
  4. Adjust the picture so that it is smaller.
  5. Use the link tool (globe with a chain link) to link your picture to your page.
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Edit this Page again.
  8. Click Text Editor.
  9. Find your picture and change the size so that it looks like this width="50" height="75".

Adding Your Element Card to Your Page

  1. Click on your Element Information Page.
  2. Click Edit this Page.
  3. Click on the Picture tool and add your Element Card. You will not need to upload it. Just find it in the list and double click on it.
  4. Adjust its size so that its a little smaller. Click Text Editor and adjust its size so that it says width="200" height="300".
  5. In the Sources section add the information for your picture from Flickr.