Atomic Number: 8

Protons: 8

Electrons: 8

Neutrons: 8

Average Atomic Mass: 15.999

Isotopes: Oxygen-15, Oxygen-16, Oxygen-17, Oxygen-19, Oxygen-20, Oxygen-21, and Oxygen-22

Discovery: Oxygen was discovered by a famous scientist Joesph Priestley, oxygen was thought about before 1772 but workers did not recognize it as an element. Joesph Priestley is generally credited with its discovery.

Name: Oxygen got its name for "acid" and "forming."

Uses: Oxygen is used for every thing that lives, it keeps them alive by providing air witch keeps the blood flowing in the heart.

Interesting Facts: This is a scientist Lavoisier noted knew that many acids contain oxygen so he proposed that Oxygen was responsible for the acidic properties.

Periodic Table of Videos on Youtube
Periodic Table of Videos on Youtube