Atomic Number: 46

Protons: 46

Electrons: 46

Neutrons: 60

Average Atomic Mass: 106.42 amu

Isotopes: Pd-102, Pd-104, Pd-105, Pd-106, Pd-108, Pd-110, Pd-100, Pd-101, Pd-103, Pd-107, Pd-109 Pd-111 Pd-112.

Discovery:It was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston.

Name: William Hyde Wollaston named it. Yes it was named after the Epithet of the Greek Athena. which in turn, was named acquired by her when she slew the giant Pallas goddess. Athena acquired by her when she slew the giant Pallas. That's how they got their symbol.

Uses: Palladium is used for in dentistry , watch making, in blood sugar test, in aircraft spark plugs and in the production of surgical instruments and electrical contacts. Palladium is also used to make professional transverse flutes.

Interesting Facts: Some interesting facts that i have learned about Palladium is that it is used in art and photography and I never knew that.