Atomic Number:59

Protons: 59

Electrons 59

Neutrons: 82

Average Atomic Mass: 140.908 amu

Isotopes: 137pr,138pr,139pr,140pr,142pr,143pr,144pr, 145pr

Discovery:Carl Auer was a quiet, industrious, unsociable boy from Austria who became a favorite student of Bunsen in Heidelberg. When Carl showed Bunsen a tiny handful of rare earth minerals he had collected from the north, Bunsen laughingly encouraged him to begin a study of them. Auer did so for the rest of his life. A number of chemists believed that Didymium was a mixture of elements but none had made a successful separation. In 1885 at age 26 Auer announced to the Vienna Academy of Sciences that by repeated fractionation of ammonium didymium nitrate, he had succeeded in splinting didymia into two earths.

Name: it was named after Greek words '' prasios didymos '' meaning '' green twins ''

Uses: Misch metal used in making cigarette lighters, contains 5% praseodymium metal.

Interesting Facts: It is created by bombarding plutonium with alpha particles.
.It dose not occur in nature.