Atomic Number: 88

Protons: 88

Electrons: 88

Neutrons: 138

Average Atomic Mass: 226 amu

Isotopes: Ra-223, Ra-224,Ra-225,Ra-226,Ra-227,Ra-228

Discovery: Radium was discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie in pitchblende.

Name: Radius (Latin) means ray. The Barium fraction containing Radium glowed in the dark!

Uses: *Self-luminous paints *Neutron sources *Medical uses for the treatment of conditions such as cancer (now being replaced by 60Co sources)

Interesting Facts: The element was isolated in 1911 by Mme. Curie and Debierne by the electrolysis of a solution of pure radium chloride, employing a mercury cathode. On distillation in an atmosphere of hydrogen this amalgam yielded the pure metal.