Atomic Number: 43

Protons: 43
Electrons: 43

Neutrons: 55

Average Atomic Mass: (98)

Isotopes: Tc-93, Tc-94, Tc-95, Tc-96, Tc-97, Tc-98, Tc-99

Discovery: Carlo Perrier and Emilio Segre in 1937 in Italy.

Name: Technetium was predicted on the basis of the periodic table by Mendeleev, he suggested that it should be very similar to manganese and gave it the name ekamanganese. Also it was also erroneously reported as having been discovered in 1925, at which time it was named masurium. But it was actually discovered by C.Perrier and Emilio Gino Segre. It was named from the Greek word "Technikos" meaning "Artificial."

Uses: 95Tc is used for tracer work (radioactive tracers)

Interesting Facts: It came from the Greek word "Technikos" meaning "Artificial."
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