Atomic Number: 90

Protons: 90

Electrons: 90

Neutrons: 132

Average Atomic Mass: 232.038 amu

Isotopes: Th-227, Th-228, Th-229, Th-230, Th-231, Th-232, Th-233, and Th-234.

Discovery: M. T. Envoy found a black substance on Lovoy island.

Name: It was named Thorium, after Thor, the skandinavian Greek god of war.

Uses: It is used for its nuclear power in power plants, preparation of the "Welsbach mantle", imparting high strength and creep resistance at high temperaturesused to coat tungsten wire. They are used for high quality camera lenses and scientific instrumentsoxide is a catalyst, petroleum cracking, and sulphuric acid productionsource of nuclear energy.

Interesting Facts: That over time the element thorium will change from a silvery color to a dark black.