Atomic Number: 69

Protons: 69


Neutrons: 101

Average Atomic Mass: 168.934

Isotopes: 100

Discovery: Per Theodor discovered Thulium in 1879 while working on erbium oxcide.

Name: Thulium was named after "Thule" which is an ancient name for " Scandinavia"
  • 169Tm bombarded in a nuclear reactor can be used as a radiation source in portable X-ray equipment
  • natural thulium has possible use in ferrites (ceramic magnetic materials) used in microwave equipment
  • alloys
Interesting Facts: Thulium is the least abundant of earth's elements, and is as rare as silver, gold, or cadmium.
Video: Thulium is a very rare element that is used to be on the periodic table of elements.
The pure metal has a bright, silvery lustre. The metal must be protected from moisture. The element is silvery-grey, soft, malleable, and ductile, and also can be cut with a knife. It is a rare metal on earth found in minerals like monazite.