Atomic Number: 50

Protons: 50

Electrons: 50

Neutrons: 69

Average Atomic Mass: 118.710

Isotopes: Sn-110, Sn-111, Sn-112, Sn-113, Sn-114, Sn-115, Sn-116, Sn-117, Sn-118, Sn-119, Sn-120, Sn-121, Sn-122, Sn-123, Sn-124, Sn-125, Sn-126, Sn-127

History: It was discovered by ancient workers and it is mentioned as the Old Testament.

Name: The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon also called "tin", and the Sn came from the Latin word "stannum" it also means tin.

Uses: It is used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion or other problems. Its also used in making windows and cans for food, like soup cans.

Interesting Facts: I found out that ancient workers found out about it and it is the old testament.


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